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Web Development (No Coding Required)

Web Development (No Coding Required)

Create all kinds of commercial websites, using WordPress, to sell to clients. As well, you can sell Website Care and Maintenance plans to happy clients for recurring revenue


    1, 2 ,3 – Let’s Create Professional Websites!

    Are you ready to learn to Create WordPress Website/s and Optimizing it for Google doing effective SEO?

    In this WordPress Website Creation  we’re taking your through a journey from being a Beginner to becoming an Expert in WordPress, Website Creation!

    With The Latest Training in real actionable steps with all answers needed you will not only become confident in your WordPress Latest Interface, you’ll also know how to perform SEO in ways to drive traffic to your new professional WordPress Website.


    From Setting Up & Designing a Professional Website Without Any Code to Optimizing Your Site for SEO Within Hours.

    After This Course You’ll Be Able To

    • Create Optimized WordPress Websites for You and/or Clients
    • Design WordPress Websites That Converts for You and/or Clients
    • Create a Professional WooCommerce Online Store
    • Create SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Content for You and/or Clients

    Course Curriculum

    Chapter 1 : Introduction to Website
    i) 1. The importance of creating an online presence in today’s world Details 00:00:00
    ii) Types of websites and effects that can be created with WordPress e.g. blogs and personal websites, corporate websites, ecommerce websites etc. Details 00:00:00
    iii) How to reach your target audience. Details 00:00:00
    iv) How to plan for your website. Details 00:00:00
    Chapter 2: Introduction to WordPress
    i) What is WordPress? Details 00:00:00
    ii) Selecting and setting up hosting options (free/paid/shared). Details 00:00:00
    iii) Choosing your Domain Name. Details 00:00:00
    iv) Uploading your WordPress files via FTP/ Cpanel. Details 00:00:00
    v) Downloading and installing WordPress. Details 00:00:00
    vi) Understanding and logging into your WordPress Dashboard Details 00:00:00
    vii) Getting your SSL certificate and using HTTPS on your site. Details 00:00:00
    Chapter 3: WordPress Themes and Plugin Updates
    i) Choosing a theme. Details 00:00:00
    ii) Installing, configuring and using plugins. Details 00:00:00
    iii) Updating based on WordPress theme and plugin capability. Details 00:00:00
    iv) Updating your plugins to the latest version. Details 00:00:00
    v) Salts and Plugings. Details 00:00:00
    Chapter 4: Creating and managing Posts and Pages
    i) Difference between Pages and Posts. Details 00:00:00
    ii) Setting up Categories and Tags. Details 00:00:00
    iii) Setting the featured image. Details 00:00:00
    iv) Creating basic website pages. Details 00:00:00
    v) Designing navigation and sidebars. Details 00:00:00
    vi) Creating and managing menus. Details 00:00:00
    vii. Configuring and customizing a contact form. Details 00:00:00
    viii) Setting up comment sections and management. Details 00:00:00
    Chapter 5: Media Library
    i) Image file creation Details 00:00:00
    ii) Uploading and managing media files. Details 00:00:00
    iii) Configuring media files. Details 00:00:00
    Chapter 6: WordPress and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    i) What is SEO and why is it important? Details 00:00:00
    ii) Learn how to drive more Users to your site. Details 00:00:00
    iii) Choosing the best SEO plugin. Details 00:00:00
    iv) WordPress and SEO plugins e.g. Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack. Details 00:00:00
    v) Using friendly URL structures. Details 00:00:00
    Chapter 7: Backing up your WordPress site
    i) Backing up your site files. Details 00:00:00
    ii) Backing up your WordPress database. Details 00:00:00
    Chapter 8: Securing your site
    i) Installing the right security plugin. Details 00:00:00
    ii) Scanning your site for malware and vulnerabilities. Details 00:00:00
    iii) General revision and conclusion. Details 00:00:00

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    • 14 Days
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